Elvira, Tony, Trampas, and the Mouth from the South

Do I have animals in my life? Good lord.   Yes.

First a disclaimer.   I did NOT name the cat.  She named herself.  She’s weird.  As cats go she is very weird.  I don’t think she’s really a cat.  I think she’s a cat hater reincarnated as one.  She doesn’t answer “Here kitty kitty” or any of the other traditional cat calling/attention-getting methods.   She does come to you when you use your index finger to beckon her.  I have no damn clue how she knows what it means.  She just always did it.

She appeared as a starved 4 month old kitten someone dumped out.  The kid and I were doing something at the house and she showed up on the front porch.  I could count her vertebra.  I had cat food left from my other half’s cat.  She had died earlier that year and I didn’t realize I had a bag to throw out.  I gave her some along with the kid’s warning I would never get rid of her.  She tried to follow the kid  to the car the kid went home.   She ignored the “I’m not taking you home, scat cat.”  She ignored my “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.”  I finally said “Elvira, get your scrawny ass back up on this porch.”  She turned around immediately and came back to me.  The kid and I just stared at each other.  Then I said “Well, I guess she has a name.”   She does not answer to kitty, cat or anything but Elvira.  She has no clue how to be a cat.  She chased down a mouse on day and caught it, then she laid on it and looked at me like “What the hell do I do now?”

She stayed because I have never owned a cat this good.  She only uses her litter pan.  I forgot to put litter in one night I was taking out the garbage.  That poor cat used that empty pan until I remembered I forgot to put litter in much later in the week.  She prefers to spend her time on my heated blanket.  She just doesn’t act like a cat and I know cats.  My Granddad’s farm had 35 of them at one time and I had my own when we moved.

Trampas is a rescue cockatiel from Virgina. His owner died and he and his relations [about 40 of them because the owner just let them loose and let them hatch eggs] were homeless.  The owner’s husband was going to let them all loose.  They would have all died.  A rescue was organized and I took 6 of them.  Trampas is my last little Virginian.  He’s not very bright due to inbreeding and he can’t sing.  He seems to be tone deaf.  He is a love and very pretty.

Tony is a cockatiel.  I purchased him for my bird Teal. She wanted a mate.  He was a baby.  The first thing he did when I put him in her cage was beg for food.  She fed him.  Told the other half, she just wants a baby, she doesn’t care whose baby.   Teal died.  He paired up with one of my Virginians named Mary.  I knew it would be a short life because all my Virginians are inbred with multiple problems and defects.  Now he spends his time arguing with that punk kid Trampas.

The Mouth from the South is a male red pigeon.  He hasn’t shut up since the day the rehabber gave him to me because he was handicapped and couldn’t be released.  She told me he was the quietest best bird she ever had.  Maybe it’s the other birds but Cinnamon hasn’t shut up since the day I got him.

What do they mean to me?  They are my roommates.   And now with that I need to go finish the content of my website so I can put it back on-line today.



2 thoughts on “Elvira, Tony, Trampas, and the Mouth from the South

  1. How does Elvira react with the birrds? I like the part about catching the mouse and then the what do I do next bit 😀 Had a cat named Tigger. Live mice could saunter under his nose and he would just watch them go by. Never bothered to tr and catch any. He was alos a great blackmailer. Food dish nearly empty? He’d start pushing it to the top of the basemtnet stairs. If you didn’t add food immediately, he would knock it down the stiars. D

    1. She only does dry food. I even bought her the expensive stuff. Nope. Dried Friskies, thank you. She doesn’t bother the birds. It’s too much damn effort to get off the electric blanket and walk over to say hello. All my cats have been farm cats. They would never touch their human’s birds. A farmer can’t afford a barn cat that attacks the chickens. She knows what is mine and what I want killed like Mice. The only thing I ever had a problem with was bats. They can’t reconcile the flying mouse with a bird and will chase them along with me and the net. If I am chasing the bird with a net, they don’t bother me.

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