Just a Peaceful Holiday

In answer to this post.  With links to the recipes included.

“When are they getting here?” Joe lugged the potatoes over to drain them.

“Dill said they were right outside of town.” Will pulled open the door to check the Roast Beef and then checked on the Yorkshire Pudding.

“We could have had turkey.”

“We would have killed Mr. Gobbles.”

“Why the hell did you name that damn turkey?”

“I like him better than Tut.  He doesn’t want to eat me.  We could have cooked Tut.”

“Will.” Joe blocked him as he stood legs spread, hands on hips and a big smear of flour on his face.

“Joe.” Will gently wiped the flour off his face and started to kiss him.

“Where should I put the wine?” Mac wandered up from the cellar carrying several bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne.

“In the buckets. The champagne is to celebrate Dill and Dennis getting married. That’s after dinner.” Breaking away from the kiss, Will waved Mac over to the island.

Joe muttered, “Intrusive bastard.”

“Later babe. How about you finish setting the table while I do the potatoes?”

“You owe me.” Joe grumbled.

“And don’t I always pay up?” Will nudged him with his hip.

Joe grabbed his backside. “Oh yeah.”

“Now go wash your hands.”

When the door bell rang, Mac yelled, “I’ll get it.”

Before Will could stop him, he threw open the door. “Well, Hello beautiful. And who are you?”

Dill handed him the bags he held. “You must be Mac. Joe said you were a horny bastard and to watch out for you. I’m Dill and I’m married. To him. His name is Dennis. And if you want to live, you’ll leave Ethan alone. Bruce will kill you. Now put the presents in there and come back. You need to help us carry in our part of supper. Ethan fussed about those desserts for a week. I’m not sure why I told him…”

Mac ran.

Dennis shouldered in muttering, “Smart man.”

“What?” Dill pulled the turquoise and green hat off his head.

“Smart man. He put the presents inside.”

“Umhum.” Dill eyed him suspiciously.

Dennis blinked innocent brown eyes at him.

Mac peeked around the corner as Ethan walked in the door carrying a large crock pot. “Oh my. It might be worth dying.”

Will hissed, “You will leave him alone.”

Joe said as he went past them. “Both of you don’t drool on him.”

Mac pulled back and stared at Will.

Sheepishly, Will said, “Well, he is beautiful.”

“Oh yeah. So what’s with Joe?”

“I sort of drooled over him.”

“Ah. That would do it.”

“Oh shut up. Go help Joe.” Will pushed him toward the door.

“Fine. And I have more dignity than to drool.”

“Right. Let me get you a bib.”

“It would make a nice 4-way.” Mac leered at Will.

“Forget it.” Will pushed him toward the potatoes. “Finish mashing and don’t drool into them.”

“Spoil sport.”

“Yep.” Picking up the tray of appetizers, he carried them out to the living room as Joe carried the coats past him. “Food and hot cider or mulled wine if you need to warm up.”

“Oooh.” Dill bounced over and pointed to a pastry on the tray. “What’s that?”

Pumpkin-pecan baked brie.” Will grinned when Dill grabbed one and took a big bite then moaned.

“Oh this is so good. Ethan, get the recipe.”

“I’ll send it to you. And we have spiced olives, Cranberry Pepper dip with home-made crackers, Apple cinnamon bacon bites, and garlic cheese bread.” Will set the tray down.

Behind him, Mac chimed in. “I made the vegetable tray but Joe made the dip.”

Will patted him on the shoulder. “And you did a very good job of the tray. I’m going to finish the last touches and be out in a minute.”

Ethan followed him. “Let me help. It might be safer since I know what I’m doing. If Dill helps… well… Is there a Chinese place around that’s open?”

Joe stood mashing the potatoes. Will gave him a shove. “Out. Ethan will help. You go keep Mac away from Dill.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep. Three of us will be tripping over each other and Mac is creating a puddle on the floor. Ethan will be safe in here with me. Mac’s expounding on how he hunted down the carrots and chopped them.”

“God.” Joe headed for the living room.

“You realize that Dill is going to dive for Joe’s lap?”

“Yep. It will keep him and Mac out of trouble. Joe will be pinned and Mac will be jealous and hover.” Will pulled the Macaroni and Cheese out of the oven.

“Thank you so much for making that.  Bruce loved that at the picnic last year. I’ve been telling him when we remodel the kitchen, I want as many ovens as you have.”

“The former owner thought he needed it.  Plus I have the one in the pool house apartment if I need it.”  Will shrugged.

“Still,  thank you.”  Ethan gave him a kiss on the cheek as he went past with the milk.

“You are welcome.”  Will was glad Joe didn’t see that.   As he moved the green beans to the plate he asked, “What’s for dessert?”

“I also made some bread for the meal.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“I only did rolls.  That works.”  Will moved to the Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Ethan nodded. “Where should I put the potatoes?”

Will gestured to the bowls on the counter.

“I made a couple pies.   Maple Bourbon Pecan is Dennis’ favourite.   We have Squash Custard instead of Pumpkin.”

Will finished the Leek and Wild Mushroom Stuffing.  “You want some eggnog ice cream to go with that?  I was at our local dairy store and they had their own brand of ice cream.  I bought 3 gallons of the eggnog.  Joe goes through it like wildfire.”

“That sounds great.   The Creole Bread Pudding is in the crock pot Mac put on the counter.  And I don’t see the pumpkin roll... Bruce!”

Bruce appeared and kissed Ethan’s shoulder.  “What Baby?”

“Pumpkin Roll.”

“Locked in Trunk or Dill would have eaten it.”

“Get it.”

“Um hum.”  He kissed Ethan’s neck.


“Okay.  Okay.  Now.”

“When’s the wedding? ”  Will glanced up at Ethan from the Corn Pudding he was carrying to the table.

“Spring.  It is going to be in the spring.  We need… We need warmth and sunshine for it.  Will, I almost screwed up everything.”

“Ethan, you’re back.  That’s what matters.  He loves you.”

“I know.  I’m lucky.”  He stopped when he heard Dill squeal.

“The pumpkin roll!  Where did you hide it?  Where?”

Dennis’ voice carried into the room.  “Dill, sit still you are going to bounce Joe to death.”

Will smirked.  “Dill on the lap with a nonplussed Joe under him and a frothing Mac hovering.”

They both started to laugh.

“You done with the potatoes?”

“Yeah.  Anything else?”

“Nope let this rest and go join our guys for a drink and what’s left of the food out there.  They can come in and help us transport.  The roast beef has about 15 more minutes.”

Bruce put his arm around Ethan as they followed Will out to the living room.  Joe was pinned under Dill who had sprawled across his legs.  Dennis poked at the fire.  Mac stood behind Joe eating and glaring at him.

“Will.. Help.”  Joe pleaded.

Will answered.  “God bless us everyone.”


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  1. I can see than Dill still talks a mile a minute…. And the ‘smart man’ comment got me laughing until I cried. I had the scene pictured in my head, and Mac’s face after knowing Dillion for all of ten seconds must have been a sight.

    It’s nice to have all of them together for thanksgiving. Do I sense a short story there ? *puppy eyes*

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