And after surgery

Surgery was on the 28th.  After 5 hours of surgery because of finding unexpected scar tissue that the doctor had to remove, I stayed overnight at the hospital.  I’ve had no pain from the surgery itself and am stuck with a full bottle of pain pills that I will end up flushing. Friday was the […]

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Continuing the Cancer saga…

Now that I had my appointment with my Oncologist Surgeon, I have a surgery date set for late March.  It turns out that this is a slow-growing cancer that usually shows itself in stage 1 due to bleeding.  That’s how we found it. Bleeding. The doctor informed me that it is so slow-growing, she has […]

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Bad news

The tests have been run and it turns out that it is cancer.  At this point, I’m waiting for the appointment with the specialist.  I do know I  have to have surgery.  From there or how far it has progressed? I have no clue.  I will keep you updated.

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Where I’ve been.

I know I haven’t been around.  I’m in the middle of a medical problem.  It isn’t cancer, thank goodness.  It seemed like a very real possibility it was for a while.  However, I might have to have surgery to fix the problem.  I’ll find out on the 26th IF I am not totally snowed in. […]

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